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Anonymous asked:

I tried to read your entire blog and two days in Google Chrome decided that it couldn't handle any more trek so it shut down and now I shall never know what your first post was.

oMG it was the one about iPods wasn’t it! Um, I thing there is a “from the beginning” somewhere on the side bar and you should be able to see the first post.

Small SPSA


So I just want to say that I am commuting to school this semester, and it is ending up being a little harder than expected. Though this blog already kinda has the activity of a dormant volcano, just be aware that it’ll probably be more like this until we get Cards Against the Federation out the door. We’ll probably be posting more straightforward caps and less asks until then, unless said asks can be answered by text/without caps.

Lots of Love,

Autumn and Shelby

deforestkisses asked:

Omg so when my aunt and my mom would watch Star Trek on TV Chekov was my aunt's favorite character right and so literally when he would appear on screen she would lick the television and my grandfather would get mad at her because she was "gonna electrocute herself" and she told me that one time she said "good maybe then I'll zap away into Chekov's lap" and my grandfather grounded her

I have nothing to add to this story it’s already perfect.

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