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Anonymous asked:

Cards against the federation news? I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT I WILL PAY YOU MONEY

No money needed! :D And news uhh…for some reason we just got like a huge influx of followers so we probably will reach the next 1k soon…but sorry release date is still Spocktober



Anonymous asked:

So I was eating breakfast, and I drew the Enterprise hnorking on a li'l piece of paper that I found and put it on the fridge to spread the hnork love. When I got home, There was another drawing of Captain Haddock's ship with the word Hnork coming out of the steam thing.I knew it was my sister's drawing, so I found her. ME: You drew Cpatain Haddock's ship and put it next to my ship. HER: Ya I know. ME: What is it doing there? HER: Our ships are communicating in hnorks. ME: I love you. So. Much.



Anonymous asked:

how do you have the "1 boldly going 79481 boldly gone" thing on yer blog?

It’s an html code pasted into the description box to keep track of visitors.  Just google “tumblr hit counter” and lots of different ones will come up.  I used this one for the hit counter and this one for the online users counter.  Hope that answers your question!


Anonymous asked:

I sorta do not want ze glitter saga to end

It will never end, not really. It will continue forever. There’s no use fighting it, the process has already begun. Accept that soon the whole of the universe will become

glittr pen


Anonymous asked:

When I'm feeling down I scroll down this blog and instantly cheer up. Thank you guys for everything!



No thank you! 

But seriously guys I’d like to share some of my feelings with y’alls if you don’t mind.

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(that ask is mine, I’ve had bad experiences in the past and sometimes still go incognito without thinking, sorry)

No no, we are the ones who will be forever grateful. You may think this blog is not popular (I disagree), but I believe you can count on many loyal fans.

You are sweet, kind and funny people, and I wish you to obtain whatever you desire from life.

Let’s boldly go another year together!




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